Customer Experience for Financial Services

June 14 - 16, 2016

New Orleans, LA

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Day Three

The Future of CX: Planning to Meet The Expectations of Your Customer in 2025

Day Three of CXFS will feature case Studies from BankMobile, American Express, Nationwide and eTrade. And make sure to stick around for our first annual CXFS 2016 Takeaway Session, which will leave you ready to head back to the office with plenty of actionable insights for your next CX initiative.

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8:20 AM Continental Breakfast In The Solutions Zone

9:00 AM Welcome Remarks

Elizabeth Robillard, Program Director, CXFS

Elizabeth Robillard
Program Director

9:05 AM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Matthew Eaton, Vice President of Management Consulting, CFI Group

Matthew Eaton
Vice President of Management Consulting
CFI Group
As Vice President of Management Consulting for CFI Group, Matthew leads strategy and design for private sector client engagements around the globe. He is a leading authority on changing customer behavior; helping financial service organizations uncover and isolate critical business drivers and the financial impact of customer experience. ...[Read More]

9:20 AM How Branchless Banking Will Revolutionize the Future of CX in the Financial Services Arena

Warren Taylor, President, Bankmobile

Luvleen Sidhu is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at BankMobile, America’s first absolutely fee-free bank aimed at helping the underbanked, millennials and middle income Americans have an affordable, effortless, and financially empowering banking experience. During this session, she will be discussing how branchless banking will change the face of financial services.
Warren Taylor

9:40 AM Say No to Silos! Perfecting Your Customer’s Omni- Channel Journey

Tilak Joshi, VP, Digital Customer Experience, American Express

There is an ever widening array of ways customers today can interact with a brand. When it comes to financial services, a customer can phone into your call center, take money from an ATM, check their balance on their laptop, transfer funds on their cell phone and deposit money in person at a branch, to name a few. They expect the experience across all of these touchpoints to be consistent and seamless. How can this experience be seamless if the internal departments that have control over each experience are siloed and don’t work with each other to coordinate the whole customer journey? Join this session led by Tilak Joshi of American Express to see how he and his internal colleagues are collaborating on CX by:

  • Pinpoint the internal departments you need to collaborate within in order to have an end to end picture of your customer
  • Build relationships with these business partners and department heads in order to understand their priorities and help them understand yours
  • Instill the importance of customer experience across the organization with trainings and CX advocates
  • Create common objectives and organizational goals
Tilak Joshi
VP, Digital Customer Experience
American Express

10:00 AM The Uberization of Financial Services

Michael Lowry, Design Director, Fidelity Investments

Michael Lowry
Design Director
Fidelity Investments
Michael Lowry has been a user experience design professional for over 20 years. Michael's work for Thomson Reuters and Fidelity Investments has impacted the ways consumers and financial professionals understand and interact with the financial landscape. His recent focus has been on anticipating how the financial services industry will be impacted b ...[Read More]

10:20 AM PANEL: Making Mobile Your Champion Channel

Ramy Serageldin, COO, Moven

Jason Mowery, Director, Design & Insight Translation, User Experience, Nationwide

Adam Korman, Director of User Experience and Content, Acorns

Creating impactful experiences in the mobile space is no easy task. Organizations are creating oneoff mobile strategies without first considering why people need mobile in the first place. How are people engaging on mobile and for what reasons? How will people use mobile in the future? This panel will explore the best ways to use the mobile channel as part of the omnichannel customer experience and how you can prepare for customer expectations for mobile in the future.

·· How are customers interacting with you on their mobile devices?
·· How will people be able to use their mobile devices in the future?

 Jason Mowery
Jason Mowery
Director, Design & Insight Translation, User Experience
Jason is a creative leader and problem solver with over fifteen years of digital design experience in both agency and enterprise environments. As Director, he leads a team of strategic visual designers involved in all aspects of user experience design to support Nationwide’s twenty-one billion dollar financial product portfolio. This includes partn ...[Read More]

 Adam Korman
Adam Korman
Director of User Experience and Content
Adam has spent 20 years in User Experience designing innovative digital products for the web, desktop, mobile devices, and custom platforms like medical devices, TV set-top boxes, and cars. He has worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of hands-on, leadership, and consulting roles.

His career is bookended with ex
...[Read More]

11:00 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

Join us in the solutions zone for your last opportunity to learn about the top notch tech being showcased by our partners!

11:30 AM Fail Fast: The Effect of Innovation Labs and Rapid- Prototyping on Customer Experience on Banking

Heidi Munc, AVP User Experience, Nationwide

  • How are financial institutions applying lean start up best practices to their product ideation?
  • Looking at the ways that financial institutions are by-passing one to two year product development cycles for shorter prototyping sprints
  • How FI’s can be using innovation labs to bring customer insight into these agile product development cycles
  • Potential drawbacks and challenges that present themselves when larger unwieldy companies try to operate this way
 Heidi Munc
Heidi Munc
AVP User Experience
Heidi Munc is a user experience specialist, digital designer and creative problem solver. Over the past 20 years, Heidi has worked as a traditional graphic designer, creative director and digital design director. She now leads a team of 70+ user experience professionals at Nationwide.

As AVP of User Experience, Heidi has assembled a
...[Read More]

11:50 PM FIRE-SIDE CHAT: Creating Personalized Experiences that Impact the Bottom Line

Anish Shah, Head of Customer Engagement, E TRADE

Customers want their preferences to be known in whatever channel they interact with a brand in. And they expect to see the information and products they want where they want to find them. Businesses need to focus efforts on the intersection between organizational goals and customer needs in order to succeed. By developing a guiding set of principles around customer engagement, brands can create a differentiated, consistent experience for their customers, while also maximizing value. Join this session to hear more about:

• Where do you get started on personalization?
• How can you use CRM tools to further this goal? Are there other tools that would work better? • What kinds of engagement principles can enable a consistent, differentiated set of outcomes?
• How can you apply a personalized approach to improving business metrics?
 Anish Shah
Anish Shah
Head of Customer Engagement
As Head of Customer Engagement, Anish leads E*TRADE's efforts on two fronts. First, driving acquisition, share of wallet and retention on existing customers and second, delivering premium customer satisfaction and setting the customer experience benchmark for the investment services industry.

Before heading Customer Engagement, Anis
...[Read More]

12:15 PM PANEL: I’ll Be There For You! Or Will I? Listening and Responding to Your Customers on Social Media

Jason Huffman, Customer Experience Vice President, Union Bank & Trust

Nicolas Petraglia, Sr. Manager of Customer Insights and Social Media, International Banking Contact Centres, Scotiabank

Customers today are loud. There are so many ways for customers to voice their opinions about a brand and not only do they want to be heard, they also want to be responded to. Join this session to hear more about how our panelists are leveraging social media to get in on the conversation their customers are having about them and creating brand advocates.

·· Knowing what your customers are saying and where they are saying it
·· Identifying what social channels have the most impact on your brand and make the most sense for you to monitor
·· Going from aggregating customer feedback to engaging in conversations with them
·· Meeting your customers everywhere they are 24/7
 Jason Huffman
Jason Huffman
Customer Experience Vice President
Union Bank & Trust
Jason began his career in banking as an intern with Union Bank & Trust (formerly First Market Bank), the largest community bank in Virginia, during the summer of 2000. Upon graduating from college, he served in various roles such as Financial Services Advisor, Branch Manager, Conversion Project Leader and Customer Advocate. In 2007, Jason moved i ...[Read More]

 Nicolas Petraglia
Nicolas Petraglia
Sr. Manager of Customer Insights and Social Media, International Banking Contact Centres
Ever since I can remember I have always been passionate about creating communities and bringing people together - both in person and/or through digital environments. In University it was being part of student council and projects that ultimately brought people together and generated buzz. As a teacher I wasn’t simply content with teaching in the cl ...[Read More]

12:55 PM CXFS Wrap-Up Report—What Will You Take Back to the Office with You?

Elizabeth Robillard, Program Director, CXFS

With three days filled with sessions, how can you ensure that you walk away with a few “golden nuggets” to take back to your organization? This session will help synthesize some of the key take-aways and provide you with a customer experience toolkit to implement upon your return to the
Elizabeth Robillard
Program Director

1:15 PM End of CXFS 2016 and Lunch- Thanks for Joining Us!